About Bomarsund Trailrun

Bomarsund Trailrun is a cross-country race along the trails in the historic Bomarsund, Åland Islands. You can choose to run approx. 28km, 12km or 4,5km in varying terrain. For the youngest we offer a Minitrail  which is a shorter (1km) and easier route near the competition area.

Kastelholm Castle – the start for the 28km

What is Trailrunning?

Trailrunning is to get around along marked paths at your own pace. Trailrunning is not so much about hunting times or measuring kilometers but more about finding the feeling that it should be fun to run. One allows the terrain to set the pace and let the feeling, and the pulse, follow the terrain which may be a mix of different surfaces.
Both in the US and in Europe, this form of exercise gained increasing attraction among runners, partly because it is a great form of exercise, but also for the perception of the environment / nature in a whole new way. Many who practice trail running makes it more and more for the experience while getting very good training. One must take into account the terrain leading to larger parts of the body have to work – the training is more varied than the usual traditional running.

Bomarsund Trailrun offers in addition to all this is a historical experience when the participants run past historic buildings, through several graveyards from the past and pass all the turrets (or the ruins of them) built around the fortress area.

The main organizer of the event is Åland Event, in close cooperation with Aland Triathlon Club.



Classes and distances 2021

There are four different distances and totally ten different classes in Bomarsund Trailrun.

Bomarsund Trailrun 28km

  • Approx. 28km
  • Start Saturday 31.7, at 1 pm in Kastelholm (10km from competition center, bus transport can be prebooked)
  • Classes: men, women

Bomarsund Trailrun 12km

  • Approx. 12km
  • Start Saturday 31.7, at 2.30 pm
  • Classes: men, women, boys 16 and girls 16 (born 2005 or later)

Bomarsund Trailrun 4,5km

  • Approx. 4,5km
  • Start Saturday 31.7, at 2.35 pm
  • Classes: boys 12 and girls 12 (b.2009 or later) and open class (all ages)

Bomasund Trailrun Minitrail

  • Approx. 1 km
  • Start Saturday 31.7, at 2.40 pm
  • For juniors and adults that follow along with the younger participants


Registration and fees 2021



Registration fees 2021

28km – 38€
12km – 10€/ 25€ (PF16/ men and women)
4,5km – 10€/ 15€ (PF12/ open class)
Minitrail – 5€ (Adult companions free of charge, possible to pay a voluntary participation fee)

5.7- 27.7.2021
and at Team Sportia on Thursday 29.7 from 13-18

28km – 48€
12km – 10€/ 35€ (PF16/ men and women)
4,5km – 10€/ 20€ (PF12/ open class)
Minitrail – 5€ (Adult companions free of charge, possible to pay a voluntary participation fee)

LATE REGISTRATION  on site in Bomarsund Saturday 31.7 from 11 am – 1.30 pm
28km – 58€ (NOTE! Late registration until 12.00)
12km – 20€/ 45€ (PF16/ men and women)
4,5km – 20€/ 25€ (PF12/ open class)
Minitrail – 10€ (Adult companions free of charge, possible to pay a voluntary participation fee)

The registration fee includes following:

  • registration
  • chip- timing
  • fluid points along the route (12- an 28km) and at the finish line
  • keepsake to all participants at the finish
  • lunch for a good price, even for family members
  • 20% discount on any fitness test at Medimar*)
  • chance to win test package (BAS or PRO – the winner chooses) at Medimar if you sign up latest 28.6.2021 4.7.2021

When you register you can also book following:

Available also for non – participants. Then choose SHOP Additional products in the registration

1. Åland Distillery BRUNCH – Trailrun Edition
Brunch served as a buffet with seasonal delicacies. Regardless of whether you are a participant in Bormarsund Trailrun or if you cheer you will find something just for you. The buffet contains both savory and sweet dishes. The brunch is served from 10:00 to 13:00

Åland Distillery/ Jan Karlsgårdens Wärdshus is just a stone’s throw from the 28km start!
So, for example, eat your brunch at 10am, chill for a few hours and then start the 28km race. Or, have the bruch at 12 am, cheer on those who will run 28 km and then go to Bomarsund and start your own race!
There are several possibilities!

Price for you who book in advance through us:
Adult: 20€
Children 6-12 yrs: 10€
Children 0-5 yrs: for free (in the company of a paying adult)
(Normal price: 25€/ person)
Must be booked in advance by 27.7.2021

Welcome to Åland Distillery Brunch – Trailrun Edition

2. Lunch
Furulundsgården for only 7€/ person.
They serve chicken in sweet and sour sauce, jasmine rice and salad, water and milk for lunch from 12.00-6 pm. Gluten- and lactose-free, also vegetarian alternative.
Furulundsgården is located close to the competion center/ finish area!

Must be booked in advance by 27.7.2021


3. Bus roundtrip
Mariehamn – Kastelholm/Bomarsund – Mariehamn for 9€/ person.
Start from the bus station at 12.00 pm, start from Bomarsund at 5.30 pm.
For guaranteed seat on the bus, please book in advance by 27.7.2021

4. BUS from Bomarsund to the start in Kastelholm for 3€/ person.
Starts at 12.15 pm, no return
For guaranteed seat on the bus, please book in advance by 27.7.2021
(can be booked online only by 27km participants)

5. BUS roundtrip Eckerö (Berghamn, via Käringsund) – Bomarsund- Eckerö for 12€/ person.
Start from Eckerö at 13.10pm, start from Bomarsund at 5.15 pm
For guaranteed seat on the bus, please book in advance by 27.7.2021

Read more about other options and accommondation at Travel & Lodging



Experienced massage therapist is to be at the competition area on Saturday. You can get a quick muscle shake before the race or have a short recovery massage afterwards. Possible to book in advance (tomas.hellen@gmail.com) or just drop by.
10 minutes for 15€, cash or card.


Test your fitness level at Medimar!

Brochure as PDF (in Swedish)

Do you want to find out if your training gives the desired effect? Or just get a measure of your physical status?
Book a fitness test with us at Medimar – we have tests that suit everyone, both exercisers and elite athletes
Read more about our tests (in Swedish) here: https://www.medimar.ax/privatpersoner/fysioterapi/fystester.

As a participant in Bomarsund Trailrun you get  20% discount on any fitness test at Medimar. To use the offer, call Medimar on +358 18 14404, use the code you get in the confirmation email!
The code is valid until 31.12.2021

Competition in co-operation with :

 2 x test packages (BAS or PRO – the winner chooses) will be raffled off among everyone who registers before 28.6.2021 4.7.2021




LokalTapiola Åland will help you to fix the right insurance just for you!
More information at www.lokaltapiola.ax


Route description

The competition center is back where we started, ie on the large lawn south of Sundsvägen and the main fortress.
The start for the 1-12km distances takes place here, as well as the finish line for all four distances.

The 28km route starts at Kastelholm Castle and the first 13km goes along the so-called Kyrkleden which is occasionally properly challenged trail running along some technically demanding trails. The route takes the participants past the competition center in Bomarsund and further into the 12km track, were the terrain during the first 7.5km consists consists mostly of small roads and paths in beautiful cultural landscape with two short mountain passes. During the last part of the race, at the same time the whole 4.5km distance, its more uneven terrain, relatively steep slopes and even an approx. 35m long staircase.
Along the routes, participants take part of the beautiful and mighty views of the waters surrounding the Bomarsund. The environment can not be described but must be experienced.
The Minitrail-route (1km) goes along paths and roads close to the start-and finisharea



The trails are marked with permanent bluered marks on poles and trees that show you the way! Also additional signs and streamers along parts of the track.

Map for 12km (red), 4,5km (green) and Minitrail (1km, blue)

Map 28km

Prizes and prize award ceremony

All participants will get a combined medal- bottle opener at the finish line.

At the prize award ceremony which will be held at approximately 16.30 pm at the finish area in Bomarsund prizes will be awarded to the following:

  • 3 fastest men and women at 28- och 12km.
  • 3 fastest boys and girls at 12km (≤ 16år, born 2005 or later) and 4,5km (≤ 12år, born 2009 or later)

The prize award ceremony is this year arranged in co-operation with Merrell and Team Sportia Åland. I.a.Merrell Moad Flight -shoes will be found at the prize table!


Other information and timeschedule

Timeschedule for Bomarsund Trailrun 2020 you´ll find HERE!
RacePM 2021 you´ll find HERE

Registration package

The package includes bib number and timing chip. The bib number is fastened with safety pins (included in the package) in the front of the body.

Bib number in the front of the body

Registration packets are picked up as follows:
* Thursday 29.7 at Team Sportia in Maxinge at 13-18 pm
* Saturday 31.7 at 11-14.15 pm  (late registration until 12/ 1.30pm)  from race office


Timing is done with chip (included in the start package) attached around the ankle with Velcro. The time is calculated from the start (starting shot) until the participant cross the finish line

If a participant cancel the race, the chip shall be returned to the race office without delay. After finishing the race to organizers take care of the chip.
For non-returned / lost the chip the participant will be charged 90€.

First aid

First aid- trained personnel present in Bomarsund. In case of a serious accident, call 112!

Fluid points

Along the 28km route there are 5 service points:

  • ~6 km: water, Powerade (self- service)
  • ~11km: water ((self- service)
  • ~17 km: fluid (water, Powerade, appel jucie), banana, buns, pickles, candy and chips
  • ~21 km: water, Powerade (self- service)
  • ~24 km: fluid (water, Powerade, appel jucie), banana, buns, pickles, candy and chips


Along the 12km route there is water at 4,5km (self servcie, same station as 21km for the 27km route) and fluid & snacks at approx. 7,5km (same as 24 km for the 28km route)

At the finish line there is fluid (water, Powerade, appeljuice) bananasm buns, pickles, candy and chips for all participants for all participants!

Own service is allowed along the routes!


  The service points in co operation with


Please don´t litter our nature! Throw e.g. garbage into garbage bags found at the fluid stations.




Audience Friendly Places

As an audience, you can follow the participants i.a at the following locations;

  • From the field at the start- and finish area (all distances)
  • At the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant cemeteries in Prästö (12 – and 28km)
  • On the way towards Prästötornet; participants come out on the dirt road approx. by the harbor and then run out to the site of Prästötornet (12- and 28km)
  • Notvikstornet, Djävulsberget and Brännklintstornet are easily accessible by car and can see when participants round the towers (all distances, expect Minitrail)

Toilets and showers

Toilets: Two portable toilets located east of the main fortress. At the beach south of the main fortress are two outhouses.

Shower / changing room: There are no dressing- and / or shower rooms. Beach right next to the start- and finish area.

At Puttes Camping one might take a shower for a small fee.


Clothes storage

Bags can be left in the race office during the race.



Parking recommended along the so-called Gamla Postvägen on the north side of Sundsvägen and also along the road up to Notvikstornet!


Bomarsund Trail Run is a running event with only open classes and thus are no competition, participation with common sense.
Please bear in mind that trail running isn´t so much about hunting times or counting kilometers, but more finding the feeling that it should be fun to run. However, there are those who love to run the race as fast as possible so please let them pass you, especially at the start where it can be a little crowded.


Terms and conditions:

By signing me for the race and paying the participation fee I agree to the contest rules and give my consent to the organizer to publish my (or my childs) name, serie/class, compound and nationality on participant,- start- and resultlists.  Participation in Bomarsund Trailrun is at your own risk. The Organizer is not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the competition. A accident insurance is recommended. The Organizers have the right to photograph and film the participants during the event and has the right to use the material in their own marketing. The Organizer has the right to send information about our events 2021-2022

Lost property

Handed to the organizers who keep them during the current season (until 31.10.2021) if they haven´t been collected during the competition weekend.
After the season, leftovers are submitted to charity organizations.


If you for some reason have to cancel the race, you should notify the nearest volunteer.

We think about nature!

The disposable vessels that we use during the contests are compostable and are sorted during/after the contest. We have also joined barkraft.ax and made some promises that trive towards a sustainable society. We are Kranmärkt-certified, which means that we don’t give out bottled water during the contests.
We are constantly working further on this and our goal is to be eco labelled in the future!
Learn more about our environment policy at www.alandevent.ax

Cancellation policy

The registration for the competition is binding, the registration fee will not be refunded if you can´t participate in the competition.
If canceled by 18.7.2020*), your participation can be moved to the following year’s competition.
Until 27.7 it’s possible to change distances/ classes (no possible difference will be refunded), or transfer the participation to another participant.

Cancellations and changes shall be made by email to info@alandevent.com

*) If the competition is canceled later than 18.7.2021 and/ or the participant can´t participate due to restrictions for the Corona-virus the participation can be moved to the following year’s competition.