There are plenty of departures and various travel options daily from Sweden, Finland and Tallinn, which you can choose from to get to Åland. Most visitors take the ferry but you can also choose a flight to get to our island.

One of the fastest trips to Åland is Eckerö Linjen which starts in Swedish Grisslehamn and arrives at Berghamn, Eckerö. The boat trip only takes two hours.
Go to their website on contact them by phone, number 0175 258 00 (in Sweden) or +358 18 28300 (in Åland).

Gift 2019!
All participants in Bomarsund Trailrun will get a voucher for a daycruise with M / S Eckerö. Connection bus in Sweden is included in the voucher. The coupon is included in the registration package.

Also Viking Line is happy to help you with both travel and accommodation to several sports events at Åland
Find out more about their offerings on the following pages:

Participants from Sweden:

Participants from Finland:
In Swedish
In Finnish

Become a Viking Club member  to get the best offers and collect bonuses from your travels!
Read more and join at (Sweden) or (Finland)

Bustransportation during the race day

When you register you can also book following:
(available also for non- partcipants. Then choose Shop additional products in the registration)

1. “All-inclusive” day-packet for 40€/ person (7-15 år 32€, ≤ 7 år 25€) , in co-operation with Eckerö linjen
Must be booked in advance by 6.8.2019 through the registration for the race

The packet includes:

  • Bus Stockholm/Uppsala – Grisslehamn roundtrip
    (Stockholm start at 7.30am, back at. 9.30pm. Uppsala start at 8 am, back at 9.15 pm.)
  • Boat tour with Eckerö-linjen roundtrip
    (Departure from Grisslehamn at 10am. Departure from Eckerö at 6.30pm)
  • Brunch onboard
  • Bus Eckerö-Bomarsund roundtrip Note! Registration-packet is handed out on the bus!
    (Start towards Bomarsund at 1 pm. Back towards Eckerö at 5.15 pm)

When the trip is approaching, a booking number for bus and boat will be sent to the e-mail address you provide in the registration!

2. Bus from Bomarsund to the start in Kastelholm for 3€/ person. Starts at 12.15 pm, no return
For guaranteed seat on the bus, please book in advance by 6.8.2019 through the registration. (Can online only be booked by participants at 27km distance)

3. Bus roundtrip (Mariehamn – Kastelholm/Bomarsund – Mariehamn)  for 9€/ person. Start from the bus station at 12.00 pm, return from Bomarsund at 5.45pm.
For guaranteed seat on the bus, please book in advance by 6.8.2019


Åland offers a variety of accommodations in different price categories – from luxury hotels to simple overnight cabin or a place in a marina.

Besides trips both  Eckerö Linjen and Viking Line also can help you with accommodations.

Majoituksia ja venematkoja voi varata myös Ålandsresorin kautta ( Katso lisää internetistä tai ota yhteyttä puhelimitse +358 18 28 040.


You can also choose to stay at Käringsund Resort & Conference, which is located 1.5km from the Eckerö linjen terminal. Visit their website to check different options and book your place!
Contact us by e-mail if you want to book a seat at the “All inclusive” bus which will pass Käringsund Resort & Conference if you need a ride!

                       Käringsund Resort & Conference


On Visit Åland website you can also familiarize yourself with various accommodation and other activities and experiences in Åland.