We take another break!

Last year we had a nice, slightly chilly day at the beginning of May when we completed the 8th edition of the Bomarsund Trailrun. Despite the wonderful atmosphere that prevails and the grateful participants who are with us, we have now decided to take a break with the Bomarsund Trailrun, for an indefinite period of time. Our small team isn´t really enough to organize all the races we have done, so we unfortunately have to choose from among many nice events which ones we will organize.
Maybe we make a come back already in 2025 or maybe we let the trail shoes lie on the shelf for a few years? We will of course let you know immediately if we are back!

Please follow us at https://www.facebook.com/alandevent where we, i.a come with updates which events are organized in 2024.

Do you want to be part of the Bomarsund Trailrun?

If there is any team/gang/association/group out there who feel that Bomarsund Trailrun could be a part of their activities and organize it in collaboration with us, please contact us at info@alandevent.com



Tack för 2023

A big THANK YOU to all participants, volunteers, audience and partners who took part in Bomarsund Trailrun 2023! 121 participants ran 4,5-28km and approx. 170 participants completed the Invigningsloppet of 1km. We are now carrying out the rest of this year’s event and will return later this autumn with information about 2024.

All our events can be found www.alandevent.ax  – welcome to join


Welcome to Bomarsund Trailrun 2023

After a year’s break it’s time again to arrange Bomarsund Trailrun.
Saturday 6.5.2023 it is time for the 8th edition of Bomarsund Trailrun. The distances this year will be 4,5km and 12km with start- and finish at the competition area in Bomarsund and 28km starting at Kastelholm castle. The 1km distance will also be arranged, and this year goes by the name Invigningsloppet as a part of the festivities of the inauguration of the new Bomarsund bridge.

Imagine August 1854 when the Bomarsund period came to an abrupt end. After Russian forces for over two decades had worked to build Bomarsund fortifications everything was destroyed in a few days at a English- French attack.
Let the race take you to areas including those that Lieutenant Zvendjeff at Notvikstornet and towercommandant Tesche at Brännklintstornet tried to defend with their troops. Run along the same paths that medical staff used to take the injured to hospital, as the messengers took to convey messages to the fortress commandant Bodisco and used at funerals to bring their men to his final resting place.